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VISION was founded in 2015 and since then VISION is a leading center that provides trainings, consultancies & researches services accordingly to the internationally recognized standards, as VISION is aiming to achieve all inclusive comprehensive development our creative programs target all of the community layers (corporations, individuals, people with special needs and CSOs).

What We Do

We deliver impactful trainings and workshops!

Vocational Training.
Project management.
Information Sessions.

We have experienced consultants!

Training consultants.
Construction consultants.
Startup consultants.
Administrative consultants.
Civil Society organizations consultants
Business consultants.
Project management consultants.

We Conduct Researches!

Market Surveying.
Conduction and hosting of consultation sessions and focus group discussions.
Reporting & data analysis.
Market and Feasibility studies.

Strategic Partners

Our Social Responsibility!

VISION space is an innovative common area that is well facilitated with worker's needs such as internet, offices, coffee & snacks! using the VISION space VISION is aiming to create better environment for entrepreneurs, students & civil activists. also to expand user's connections..

Her VISION community aims to strengthen grassroots through empowering women, strengthening families and providing skills to youth.
It increases awareness on vital issues for sustainable development.
We offer lectures, seminars, workshops, support groups, guidance, coaching and advocacy.

VISION community is devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.
From art to business to social issues. VISION community is for young people who seek a deeper understanding of the world.
We believe in the power of ideas to change attitude, lives and ultimately the world.

We Hosted

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Meet Our Team

Hassan Hussain

Executive Director

Fatma Elragas

International Relations

Mohamed Balam

Innovation Manager

Khaled Alzain

Innovation Advisor

Fatma Alwhieshy

Community Coordinator

Wail Elfagieh

Medical Courses Coordinator

Islam Hussain

Training Manager

Anas Mohammed

Operations Officer

Tasneem Abboud

Tripoli Projects Coordinator

Abdulgader Shahlol

Civil Society Support

Honorary Members

Vision was basically me envisioning a better environment for learning and sharing knowledge throughout solid and international standards. From this notion, the creation of Vision came and from this very day Vision will thrive as an institutional place of learning.

- Aya Mahgoub
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Here is our client's VISION’s experience

"professional work, a truly special center."

- Yahia Aldrese

"It was really cool and a chance to blow off some steam, also a chance that I got to know to a bunch of amazing new friends."

- Anas Alurfi

"That's an amazing project specially in these cicumistances, i completely support who stands for this great project :) keep going"

- Ameen Al-mukhtar

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